We offer professional advice for all organisations who represent clients with art or antique collections, who execute deceased estates or advise high net worth individuals on all aspects of asset management.


Our Professional Clients include:

  • Trust and Estates practitioners, lawyers, accountants
  • Private banks
  • Asset management organisations
  • Insurance companies and brokers
  • Commercial galleries
  • Management consultants

Services for Trusts and Estates Practitioners

If you act in a fiduciary Trusts and Estates role whether you are a lawyer, accountant, banker or other it is your duty to execute a Will in the most beneficial and expeditious way possible.

Can you be sure that the Auction House or other organisation you've always used does indeed have the required expertise in all the necessary fields? Do they have effective systems to function an estate efficiently and quickly? Do they have the required credibility with HM Revenue & Customs? More importantly do they have the ability to offer the best possible deal that effectively maximises an estate?

Inviting Hockley Smith to inspect an estate and provide a written report on recommendations, concerns, areas of potential conflict shows an extra level of 'due diligence' to fellow executors, beneficiaries and Revenue officials.

If required, we can then invite tenders from any potential solution organisations, assess them and provide recommendations and courses of action to executors. This whole process can be effectively managed by us from start to finish, saving executors both time and money.

If there are items or contents ultimately for sale then this can be negotiated on behalf of executors and the very best single solution can be sought.  The most competitive fees for both valuations and any ensuing sales can also be negotiated, thus providing cost savings for estates.

Asset Management Organisations

We offer an outsourced resource for 'High Net Worth Individual' management organisations, providing expert advice relating to art or antique collections.

Matthew Hockley Smith has spent many years travelling the world advising high net worth individuals, from self made billionaires to the inherited wealth of the global aristocracy and Royal Families.

We offer ourselves as a discreet outsourced service to organisations such as:

  • Private banks
  • Wealth management companies
  • Family offices

Services for insurance companies and brokers

Hockley Smith can assist insurance companies and brokers with all aspects of private client work; from winning new business to assisting with valuations, risk assessment and claims analysis.

Private Client Work

  • Discreet, low impact initial inspection for VIP or High Net Worth clients.
  • Assessment of existing valuations with recommendations for most efficient and least disruptive course of action for updates or new valuation.
  • Management of valuation process, liaising with valuers and auction houses.
  • Where appropriate, a valuation or update can be produced exclusively by us.
  • An outsourced arts consultancy for those clients who require help with sale, purchasing, collecting, restoration or collection rationalisation.

    Assisting with new business to business sales

    • Assisting with preparation when targeting new corporate business.
    • Working with sales people on target organisation culture and decision making individuals.
    • Market research for auction houses, galleries and museums.
    • Directly supporting new business sales teams.


    • Following a claim, we will assist claims team or loss adjusters with initial inspection.
    • Validation of claims.

    Management Consultancy

    Having worked successfully on organisational, structural and strategic change within the public sector together with the commercial gallery and auction worlds, we have specific change management experience within all arenas of the art world. Thus we are truly and uniquely positioned to bring all these differing experiences of the Art business to bear and bring significant and lasting benefits to client businesses.

    Specific projects undertaken, amongst others, are:

    • Organisational and structural review
    • Organisational and structural change
    • Corporate strategic planning
    • Business development strategies
    • Succession planning
    • Re-capitalisation
    • Corporate sales, mergers and acquisitions